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New Book Published by Tahoka Press
New Book Published by Tahoka Press

Quantification of Pollution Levels in Harbour Sediments – A GeoSpatial Perspective is the result of a preliminary research project commissioned by Hydrex to quantify and map the levels of pollution in sediments around the world, with particular regard to the heavy metals and toxic substances contained in ship hull antifouling paints. The preliminary project is intended to be the precursor of a complete, ongoing inventory of sediment contamination around the world for use by environmental managers and by legislators and regulators responsible for the marine environment, its health and sustainability. The book helps answer the question “Should we continue to use the currently available biocidal ship hull antifouling paints?”

About the Authors
Dr. Steyl is a highly skilled and experienced Geographer/Environmental Scientist who earned her PhD at the University of Southampton, UK.
Prof. Sakellariadou is a professor in Geochemical Oceanography in the Department of Maritime Studies, University of Piraeus, Greece. She gained her PhD at the University of London and is the author of the book Oceanography.
Dr. Bray is a marine ecologist and visiting researcher at the University of Southampton where he gained his PhD. He was commissioned by WWF to carry out extensive research on the effects of TBT which contributed to its eventual ban by the IMO.
Dr. Bill Langston, who reviewed the report, is an Associate Fellow and Head of the Ecotoxicology Laboratory at the Marine Biological Association of the UK. He is a world renowned and much respected ecotoxicologist.

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