About ShipHullPerformance.org

ShipHullPerformance.org is a website established and managed by the Hydrex Group with the purpose of bringing to decision makers concerned with shipping and maritime matters the latest and best technology and practices related to the underwater ship hull: protection, fouling control, monitoring, inspection, in-water cleaning, maintenance, performance optimization and repair.

The purpose of the website is to be a source of information which will enable shipowners, operators, charters, naval architects, shipbuilders, navies, government agencies, port authorities and others in the industry to adopt approaches to underwater hull protection, maintenance, in-water cleaning and general underwater ship hull husbandry which will result in significant savings in fuel, less time in drydock, and other benefits while at the same time helping protect the marine environment and the Earth's atmosphere through reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and zero pollution of the waters from hull coatings, and prevent any damage from the spread of invasive non-indigenous species through hull fouling.

ShipHullPerformance.org advocates a zero toxic approach to fouling control and elimination of the risk of spreading invasive non-indigenous species through the use of Surface Treated Composites and routine in-water ship hull cleaning. Hydrex has developed and provides such a system under the name of Ecospeed. Not only has Hydrex developed Ecospeed as the ideal underwater hull coating, but has also invented and engineered a full line of advanced hydraulic underwater hull cleaning equipment designed specially to condition and clean STC-coated hulls and maintain them at optimum performance.

We publish a series of White Papers on issues and subject matter related to underwater ship hull performance as well as a quarterly Journal of Ship Hull Performance launched in January 2011. We aim to bring information from industry experts, academics, engineers and as many different sources as possible to keep our members and visitors fully informed.

ShipHullPerformace.org welcomes your input. We will respond to your emails, try to answer your questions and will consider letters and articles for publication.

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