*** NEW! HYDREX WHITE PAPER 14 - HULL PROTECTION FOR ICE-GOING VESSELS. Download your copy at Publications/White Papers ***

ShipHullPerformance.org is a website sponsored by the Hydrex Group with the purpose of providing valuable information and a meeting place for all those interested in underwater ship hull performance, protection, ship hull coatings, ship hull monitoring and inspection, underwater ship hull maintenance and repair.  This website is designed chiefly for decision makers in the shipping industry, including owners/operators, charterers, navies, offshore, naval architects and marine engineers, academic institutions, government officials over maritime and environmental issues, the maritime media and a host of other people and organizations.  Members have access to all the material on the website and can opt in to receive Hydrex White Papers on all issues related to the underwater hull as they are published and to the quarterly Journal of Ship Hull Performance, either as PDFs or in printed form or both.  We welcome your ideas and contributions. We hope you find the site useful.  We encourage you to sign up as a member. There is no charge and no obligation.



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